Yoon Doo-joon courted for a 3rd season of let’s Eat on tvN

Yoon Doo-joon courted for a 3rd season of let’s Eat on tvN

Oh yay, a 3rd season of let’s eat? positioned me down for a table of 1. that is one series I’m glad to grab infinite helpings of, all-you-can-eat buffet style. The comedy about food and single life has turned into a a hit franchise for tvN, and now a third season is formally inside the works for a broadcast next year, and a suggestion is out to Yoon Doo-joon to headline all over again as the humorous foodie who loves to wax poetic about food. but wait… does this suggest you’re going to get another new lady friend?! *grabs collar*

The drama’s in-your-face method to meals takes a few getting used to (they actually taunt the viewer with mouth-watering sequences devoted to ingesting), but the collection has always managed to fill its global with quirky, relatable characters and inform small tales with hundreds of heart. the primary season starred Lee Soo-kyung as a female who cherished being newly single however hated eating out on my own, and Yoon Doo-joon as her weirdo neighbor who grew to become out to be a cheeky foodie blogger she followed.

At the start i used to be irritated once they had Yoon Doo-joon’s man or woman circulate to a new neighborhood in Season 2 and romance a new girl, however that woman turned out to be search engine optimization Hyun-jin, and it changed into the position that made me love her. The romance turned into sincerely better in the 2d season, as they went from childhood enemies to bickering friends, and sooner or later enthusiasts.

The question is, what happens in Season three? Will they be able to get Yoon Doo-joon and seo Hyun-jin again, or will our hero circulate to yet some other metropolis and romance yet some other neighbor? this is beginning to end up a rake gag. part of me wants to see them attempt, simply to look how it might paintings as a franchise premise. right now I experience like i’d kick him for leaving seo Hyun-jin and falling for a brand new female… however then I stated the same aspect approximately him and Lee Soo-kyung as soon as.

Luckily writer Lee Soo-mi of the first two seasons can be returning for Season three, so I feel pretty precise about continuity. PD Choi Gyu-shik of Season 2 will be returning as properly, which concerns me a bit greater, as he turned into additionally the pinnacle PD of the let’s consume spinoff ingesting Solo—the production where the operating conditions were so bad that a rookie PD devoted suicide ultimate yr. i will best hope that planning this some distance in advance is a sign of improvement.

Allow’s consume 3 is being deliberate for a published sometime in 2018, and the time slot is but to be determined. All of my palms and feet are crossed for Yoon Doo-joon to return, and for seo Hyun-jin to sign up for him in order that his man or woman should forestall being a dedication-phobe who flies the coop after every breakup.

August 2, 2017