No surveys have been made: Prashant Kishore

No surveys have been made:Prashant Kishore

Leading Election Analyst Prashant Kishore

– Introductory program with YSRCP leaders

– Explanation of their activities

Hyderabad: Leading electoral analyst Prashant Kishore has said that it will soon launch its activities on the political situation in Andhra Pradesh.

The district presidents and leaders were introduced. He explained to the leaders that he would support his party on any issues. Jagan said the intent was to organize the party as an organizational and analyzing the party’s intentions.

No surveys made

Prashant Kishore said that they have not done any studies so far in the state. That’s all, we have not done any survey. We did not start work. We have come into our workplace with our team. But basically our behavior is not just surveys. The surveys will not be done unless you feel the need is not the same, “he replied.

He said the party’s situation and performance will be expected to know how it is in the field. Their team members are in contact with district party presidents and observers. Anywhere, if there are any minor flaws, the party leaders will bring their team members and want to edit them. Explained how their activities will be. Venkateswarlu mukhyanetalu Umma party Reddy, Dharmana Prasada Rao, Subba Reddy Wiwa, vivijayasayireddi, Bajra ramakr snareddi, Ghattamaneni adisesagiriravu, observers participated in the 13 districts of the president.

Conclusions on local issues: Kakkani

Party leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy suggested that the party plenary not only address the issues of the state level but also the issues that are affecting the people in the districts and the difficulties that are affecting them, said YSRCP, Kesani Govardhan Reddy, Nellore District

The YSR Congress is likely to rope in the services of political strategistPrashant Kishor, the 2019 general elections .

Native name:Prashant Kishor

Born :1977 (age 39–40) Buxar, Bihar

Residence: New Delhi

Occupation: Political strategist and policy advisor

Years active: 2012 – PresentKnown for: Indian general election, 2014 and Bihar Legislative Assembly election, 2015

July 6, 2017