Junior NTR’s Telugu Bigg Boss is the most costly show ever in Telugu TV

The Telugu version of reality TV show Bigg Boss, to be hosted by Junior NTR, will go on air on July

The Telugu version of reality TV show Bigg Boss, to be hosted by Junior NTR, will go on air on July

“I am not getting the sum theorized by the media, but rather I am sufficiently motivating to fulfill,” said NTR in regards to his compensation for Big Boss.

It is realized that as far back as the promos of Big Boss have been on air, NTR has been getting tremendous reaction. Normally, this has prompted discourses about NTR’s compensation.

Talk is that he will be getting Rs 50 lakhs for each scene. What’s more, for each season there will be 12 scenes which add up to Rs 6 crores for every season.

Furthermore, Star Maa is intending to make 3 seasons with NTR. Which implies according to math, NTR will be taking a cool Rs 18 crores on the whole.

Presently, for the sum, it is not that NTR will be found in all scenes. He will simply play grapple to the show and the challengers will be found in every scene.

Along these lines, that will make NTR’s compensation higher than what Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi were given for their TV passage.

All things considered, Rs 50 lakhs for a simple couple of minutes is the thing that NTR will be charging which makes him the ‘enormous supervisor’.

Did not watch the Hindi Bigg Boss show. Came to think about enormous supervisor from my cousin sister who follos it. She was energized after she came to know I am facilitating the Telugu variant. I need to have my effect as a host as opposed to tailing somebody. Bigg Boss telugu will inspire the group of onlookers as it is being made with Telugu sensibilities. Everybody is interested to recognize what is occurring in others life. This is the reason Big Boss got enormous ubiquity. They gave me enough compensation and very little as you think I will be accessible on Saturday and Sunday in the house. I will be shooting for Jai Lava Kusa amid the weekdays. My shooting calendars and areas have been arranged before and they are not being changed. Love testing parts. I never facilitated a program and I am in learning process as an on-screen character. I don’t think about the 12 challengers till now and I am additionally getting some information about the candidates. This show will beyond any doubt draw out the fun side of me and I will act how I am at my home. Bigg Boss will have all what group of onlookers anticipate from me. I didn’t take any extraordinary arrangement for Bigg Boss I would love to see babai as NTR the incredible on-screen character’s biopic. biopic. I am anxiously sitting tight for the film. I have no clue about doing a part in the motion picture. I would love to take everything on the positive side for the reaction as a host. It is too soon to foresee about the outcome.

July 9, 2017