Hyeri, Choi Woo-shik up to enroll in Jo Jung-seok’s frame-swapping two law enforcement officials

Hyeri, Choi Woo-shik up to enroll in Jo Jung-seok’s frame-swapping two law enforcement officials

Now that Han Ji-min has officially surpassed on the provide, upcoming myth rom-com two police officers is searching out a main girl to join Jo Jung-seok (Jealousy Incarnate), who has generic the lead function, and has found a capability candidate in Hyeri (Entertainer). additionally up to join the solid is Choi Woo-shik (fight My manner) in an unspecified position.

Two police officers will inform the story of a single-minded, devoted violent crimes detective who reveals himself cohabiting his very own frame with the soul of a sleazy con artist. Hah, i can without difficulty photograph Jo Jung-seok pulling off each “personalities” to first-rate comedic effect, especially after looking him in his maximum current film Hyung. Hyeri is up to play his love interest, a reporter who were given to where she is now via sheer willpower and with no connections to help her. She’s the kind to go into a rage if she witnesses an injustice, however is also short to shamelessly back down when she knows the situation is not in her desire.

I’m now not sure whether she’ll turn out to be in a wacky love triangle with the detective and the trespassing con artist’s soul, however judging with the aid of the character descriptions, it sounds like the romance can have a wholesome dose of bickering, that’s continually a plus in my book. additionally, it’s unclear whether or not the role Choi Woo-shik’s been offered is the con artist, but I almost don’t want him to be despite the fact that he’d be superb at it, ‘reason that would suggest much less screen time for the actor and that might be crook. He hasn’t had a lead role in a complete-length drama since 2015 (his part in combat My way become more of a prolonged special look), and i’m eager to peer him back on my display screen.

I’m taking this casting in a “suitable information” and “terrible news however hoping it’s not truly as horrific as I assume it’ll be” type of manner. i am keen on Choi Woo-shik, but my response to Hyeri being considered after Han Ji-min subsidized out has been blended. I loved her overall performance in solution Me 1988 because the bubbly, loud, and unaffected Deok-sun; a lot so that I assume it might be hilarious to see her as a reporter who studied her way to her position. however however, I haven’t heard many properly matters about her performing in her comply with-up venture Entertainer, so I’m a bit cautious to peer her doubtlessly pairing up with Jo Jung-seok. I’m going to preserve an open mind, even though, considering that she did control to wonder me with an endearing portrayal in solution Me 1988.

Police officers is slated to follow 20th Century Boy and woman in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday slot, which might placed its optimum in November.

August 2, 2017