Hong Kong marks two decades after cease of British rule


Hong Kong has sworn in its first girl chief in a ceremony marking the switch of power from London to Beijing. Amid fiery protests, China’s president stated July 1, 1997 marked Hong Kong’s return to the “motherland.”
The town of Hong Kong on Saturday celebrated the twentieth anniversary of its switch from British authority to China.
chinese President Xi Jinping swore in Hong Kong’s new chief Carrie Lam. On Saturday, she formally have become the city’s first lady leader executive and fourth leader since its switch from British rule.
“The people of Hong Kong revel in more good sized democratic rights and freedoms than at any other time in its records,” Xi stated for the duration of the rite.
Lam and her cabinet swore to serve China and Hong Kong in addition to uphold the semiautonomous metropolis’s primary regulation.
In March, Hong Kong’s election committee selected Lam, a former authorities reputable. but, the committee became criticized for allegedly being stacked with seasoned-Beijing members.

July 1, 2017