Ajay Singh hit the jackpot for Rs 2 spice jet company

Ajay Singh hit the jackpot for Rs 2 spice jet company
Ajay Singh who beat the jackpot of spice jet company
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♦Transfer of ownership rights within 15 days
♦ Deal complete without disclosing the stock markets
♦ Two years later the court intervenes

(New Delhi):Let’s say at once what the two rupees will come to. Let’s not remember much more than Pippermento and Chocolate! Do you know that a big airline company has sold for two rupees (even if there are debts)? That company is not so much SpiceJet !! The company was once the founder and current chairman of the company Ajay Singh.

The company’s founder, Ajay Singh, was once again in the hands of a sparejet of airline ticket which was ready to close over two and a half years ago. The company was stuck. Gradually again the profit margin. However, it is not surprising if Singh knows how much to buy SpiceJet from Marans. He has earned Rs. 2K in 58.46% stake in SpiceJet !! Yes! Literally two rupees !! No listed company in India’s corporate history has not sold such a price.

Singh, however, did not need to announce the offer, which was completed within just 15 days in January 2015. It did not even come out of it !! But the things that came out after about two and a half years later surprise the market. SpiceJet’s share price was Rs. 21.8. Accordingly, the promoter Maran is worth Rs 765 crore. But Singh won the cheapest price for two rupees. Currently the price of Rs. Reached 125. So, the value of Singh’s shares in SpiceJet is about Rs 4,400 crore.

How it came out

At that time, no Singh, SpiceJet, and Maran did not reveal the value of the deal. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has also not ordered the details of all the listed companies to know about the listed companies. Thus the hands of a listed company has changed without knowing the value of the original deal. In fact, the deal is worth Rs.

Because the promoter only sells the spiceJet for both ripples is not worth it !! Investors also had to sell their shares and try to get out. If the same happens, the share price will collapse. But since the dealer’s value does not get out, the share price has started to rise since the company was aware that the company was going into the hands of Singh. Maran’s legal advice was that he did not respect the terms of the Deal rules. Bloomberg revealed this. SpiceJet ownership has been in the hands of Maran and Call Airways for just 14 days.

Debts and losses from profits

SpiceJet now recovering profits … nearly two and a half years ago in the end of December 2014, the closure of the funding shut down. It’s not worth the duel. The company lost Rs 687 crore in 2014-15. The net value of the same year also fell to Rs 1,329 crore. The total debt burden is Rs 1,418 crore, while loans for short term loans are Rs. 2,000 crore. The Promoter Maran family has explored strategic investors who are acquiring the company. Eventually, Singh started and took the company. In order to prevent losses, they were gradually reversed.

Open offer exemption

The SEBI regulations require that any company acquire and own ownership rights should provide an open offer to make sure that all other public shareholders leave the country. But in the SpiceJet case, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, under the Aircraft Act 1937, gave an exceptional exception to the 26% open offer. Is there a right to be exempt from SEBI? Is still questionable.

July 6, 2017