5 belongings you did not recognise approximately Love Me if you Dare starring Wallace Huo, Ma Sichun, and Wang Kai

approximately Love Me if you Dare starring Wallace Huo, Ma Sichun, and Wang Kai

Ever given that Love Me if you Dare’s debut in China, fans have been raving about the suspenseful mystery and its tremendous solid. here are a few exciting things that you may now not have known about the binge-worth, award-triumphing drama and its warm main men Wallace Huo, Wang Kai, and extra. Scroll down to discover.

  1. Love Me in case you Dare is based on creator Ding Mo’s novel, 他来了,请闭眼, which literally approach “he’s right here, please close your eyes.”

Ding Mo (丁墨) has published over a dozen novels, consisting of when a Snail Falls in Love, which changed into also tailored into a famous drama series. Did  Ding Mo is a woman writer? it’s well worth noting due to the fact her name doesn’t really denote her gender. Her call, Mo (墨), literally method “ink.”

An brilliant novel nevertheless desires a excellent scriptwriter to adapt it for the display. Love Me if you Dare is scripted with the aid of Hai Yan, the well-known writer who wrote the unconventional and script for the acclaimed ancient drama Nirvana in fire. Hai Yan is likewise girl.

Wallace Huo received the maximum famous Actor and most Marketable Actor awards for romance Me if you Dare on the 2016 China nice television Drama. however did you already know Wallace to start with turned down the position?

while the producer Hou Hongliang and director Zhang Kaizhou started the project, they at once felt that Wallace Hou became the first-class suitable actor, specifically with his herbal inner shyness, to play the professional criminologist. They requested Wallace to take on the position, but Wallace refused. Later, whilst the script turned into prepared, Wallace like it so much that he pushed off his other commitments to make room for love Me if you Dare.

Many enthusiasts have credited Love Me if you Dare as the drama that made them fall in love with Wallace Huo. aren’t we lucky that he modified his mind at the position?

Ma Sichun, aka Sandra Ma, enters the scene as the main girl. She was a rising young actress in 2015, but Love Me in case you Dare’s excessive reputation really raised her repute. She were given extra significant roles and would have a very fruitful yr in 2016, consisting of winning the pleasant Actress award for the movie Soulmate in Taiwan’s prestigious Golden Horse Awards.

  1. Wang Kai is now one of the freshest main guys in China. whilst he turned into filming Love Me in case you Dare, he become simply starting his rising arc after he had completed Nirvana in fireplace, wherein he performed a left out prince who all of sudden received the struggle for the throne.

He then went on to play, in 2016, the lead detective in whilst a Snail Falls in Love, which become directed by Zhang Kaizhou, the identical director for romance Me in case you Dare. Wang Kai turned into absolutely busy in 2016 as he also had a primary position in present day romance Ode to joy, which became so famous that a sequel, Ode to joy 2, turned into filmed this year.

  1. Love Me if you Dare’s exciting plot entails a suspenseful disagreement among an professional criminal psychologist and a psychotic criminal. Did you already know Wallace Huo needed to lose widespread weight for his function as Bo Jin Yan (aka Simon)? He persisted to reveal his weight to live skinny at some point of the filming. It turned into quite ironic that Sandra Ma later discovered that Wallace certainly cherished looking cooking shows and would consume her snacks.

BONUS: The drama teased the viewers approximately the connections between the manufacturing group, Wallace Huo, and Wang Kai in episode 1.

when Jian Yao, performed through Ma Sichun, changed into expecting her interview, she looked at the bookshelves and picked out a book.

The books have been simply, from left to right, “battle of Changsha,” “All Quiet in Peking” (2 volumes), “Ode to joy” (three volumes), and “while A Snail Fall in Love.” those books have all been adapted into dramas. Director Zhang previously worked with Wallace Hou in the drama struggle of Changsha, and Wang Kai has starred in all the dramas based on the closing three books.

wager which book she picked?

Love Me if you Dare’s precise aggregate of crook psychology, deductive investigation, and romantic entanglements made it a step forward idea amongst chinese language dramas. No wonder it gained the award for revolutionary Themed Drama of the 12 months at the 2016 China exceptional television Drama. At the height of its broadcast, it received greater than 1.2 billion views in China.

If you have not watched the top notch drama before, now could be the time to add it on your queue. Even if you’ve watched it before, it’s well worth any other watch to refresh your enjoy with DramaFever’s professionally translated subtitles. Take a look!

July 24, 2017